The history of most martial arts, including Wing Chun, has traditionally been passed from teacher to student orally rather than through documentation, making it difficult to confirm or clarify the differing accounts of Wing Chun's creation.

Some have sought to apply the methods of higher criticism] to the oral histories of Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts. (Chu, Ritchie, and Wu 1998) Others have attempted to discern the origins of Wing Chun by determining the specific purpose of its techniques.

Wing Chun starts to appear in independent third-party documentation during the era of the Wing Chun master Leung Jan, making the subsequent history of Wing Chun and its divergence into branches more amenable to documentary verification. Here are some common Histories of the art. More are on the way:

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Chinese Historical Traditions
Cho Gar - Oral and written traditions
Chu Chong Man - Oral and written traditions
Leung Jan - Oral and written traditions
Pan Nam - Oral and written traditions
Modern Chi Sim Weng Chun - Oral and written traditions
Yuen Kay Shan - Oral and written traditions
Kulo Village - Oral and written traditions
Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute Series
Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun - Oral and written traditions
VTM Research Series
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