Special Thanks to Rene Ritchie

WCpedia would like to thank Author Rene Ritchie for his contributions to the research, preservation, and spreading of Wing chun Kuen. His work Yuen Kay Shan history and traditions, introduced the western world to the rare Wing Chun Kuen system passed down from Yuen Kay Shan to Sum Nung. His Co-authored book "Complete Wing Chun" helped introduce Pao Fa Lien, Chi Shim Weng Chun, Hung Fa Yi, and gave the first official attempt at documenting various branchs of the WCK system in the west. His web sight continues with his work, bringing many articles into translation for a western audiance.

Many articles found on WCpedia are a product of Mr.Ritchies research and translations.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

WCpedia staff