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Sifus Referenced in this site so far:
61 + (03) 9415 8307
  • Lineage: Direct student of William Cheung and certified to teach TWC. Direct student of the rare David Cheung WSL branch of Yip Man Hong Kong Wing Chun.Sifu Garry is has also been accepted as a student of Fung Keung, of Kulo Village Fung Gar.

  • Suki Gosal
(001) 778 552 5955
Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
  • Lineage: Direct student of Leung Kwok-Keung (Hei Ban/Opera Wing Chun Kuen). Suki is making efforts to preserve this unique branch of Wing Chun, whilst also continuing to pressure test it against other arts. A keen advocate for Wing Chun, athletic conditioning and mind-setting, he teaches privately and can be contacted as above.
  • Help finding other students of Leung Kwok Keung from the UK

  • Lineage: Direct student of Lee Shing. This unique lineage preserves Hong Kong Wing Chun Kuen, as Lee Shing was authorized by Yip Man to teach Wing Chun Kuen in England, as well as preserves Fung Family Kulo Village Wing Chun. Sifu Lee spends his time spreading the art that Lee Shing passed on to him.

  • Sifu Joseph Man
Jun Mo Association
34 Pickering House
Woodberry Down Estate
N4 1QY
(+44) 0 207 690 9699
(+44) 0 207 690 8132
  • Lineage: Direct student of Lee Shing.Teaching both Hong Kong Yip Man Wing Chun and Kulo Village Side body Wing chun

  • Sifu Alan Orr
+44 (0) 7958 908 196
London / York
  • Lineage: Direct student of Robert Chu. Alan fights in NHB with the Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun approach, which was founded by Robert Chu, from his experiance with learning and practising Yip man/H.K WCK from Hawkins Cheung, Yuen Kay Shan WCK and Kulo Village 40 Point WCK system since the early 1970's.

  • Sifu Victor Parlati
Midwood Martial Arts
1302 Ave H.
Brooklyn, NY
(347) 291-3161
  • Lineage: Direct student of William Cheung since August 1983
Also studied directly with Moy yat from May 1975-May 1983

  • Sifu David Peterson
mail contact:
PO Box 150,
Victoria 3079,
0407-043-303 (International: +61-407-043-303)
  • Lineage: Direct student of Wong Shun Leung. Traveled with WSL for Seminars translating the Masters words.He has also written the definitive book on WSL and his approach.

"VingDragon", M.A Club, Brooklyn, New York
  • Lineage: Direct student of Tang Chung Pak and Siu Chow. Prior to learning from these masters, Derek learned from Andreas Hoffman and Cheung Kwong. He is an Independent instructor of self-defense and hand to hand fighting, managing the "VingDragon" private Martial Arts Club, in Brooklyn, New York, and is master level at Shaolin Weng Chun.
  • Derek's Bio

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