Statement: Sifu Andreas Hoffmann

Dear Weng Chun-practitioners and friends all over the world, In the last 20 years my family and I have dedicated all our energy to introduce Weng Chun into the Western world. Weng Chun is a fantastic art but was dying out even in Hong Kong and China for several reasons. Weng Chun and its ancestors were almost unknown in the Western world. I learned the art of Weng Chun in China from different Weng Chun families and I introduced Weng Chun into the Western world. With the help from the Ving Tsun Museum, Rene Ritchie, Robert Chu and many others we have made the rich Weng Chun history known to the western people. Now, after 20 years we have had a lot of success and we have established Weng Chun in the USA and Europe. We even support Weng Chun masters in Hong Kong so that they can return to teaching our wonderful art of Weng Chun. Recently it has come to my attention that there are people in the Martial Arts community that are attempting to harm my reputation by spreading unfounded allegations about me and my work for the art of Weng Chun. I find it inappropriate to refute these allegations in a public discussion. Other than in this statement I will not respond in public to any of the allegations made. Practitioners of Weng Chun should give an example of martial arts ethic and not speak badly about others in public. Obviously the allegations made are false. Should you nevertheless have any questions, I would appreciate it if you would contact me directly. I am happy to discuss any questions you might have and ask me personally. Everyone is welcome to visit me and I if you like, I can personally show you the wonderful art of Weng Chun.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Hoffmann