Today, there are too many Ving Tsun Kuen (VTK) instructors claimed that they have altered the VTK, but these do not justified the VTK basics. We, the senior disciples of Master Yip Man have come to the conclusion that the VTK are created according to the human body structure and all hands can be explained by force theory. We confidently believe that Ving Tsun hands are perfect and there are no way for alteration. Any person intend to make alteration with the VTK hands, he must prove that such alteration are more advanced or his purpose of the alteration are just to show off himself/herself!All hands for attacking or dissolving the attack are fully constructed in VTK and to learn the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee are not difficult. To thoroughly understanding and reasoning the VTK theory will take time. To master the full skill of VTK will depend on the effort of the learner and the instructors' interpretation. During the course of learning the VTK and in practically experience in actual free-hand combating, the most importance of all the VTK practitioners must gain the experiences of all reflection and reaction. As you have attain the VTK skill and to master the combat relies on every individual reflection and reactionAs we are the most senior disciples of Master Yip Man and we will try our best to interpret the VTK skill taught by our Master Yip Man and therefore, Authentic Ving Tsun Association will act as the highest authority in dealing with the VTK skill. We bless all VTK practitioners and enjoy being the member of VTK family.

AUTHENTIC VING TSUN ASSOCIATION Andrew HL Ma Chairman 7th Octoher, 2004