Yuen Kay Shan Wing Tzun-By H.Bourren

Sum Nung, master of masters, is the prime disciple of grandmaster Yuen Kei San. At a very young age, he learned Wing Tzun from Cheung Bo and medicine from Wei Yok Saun. He later became a disciple of Yuen Kei San. Dr. Sum Nung has almost 60 years of experience in Wing Tzun. He is ranked as one of the top 10 doctors in China and considered one of the top 9 martial artists in the world. Dr. Sum Nung is the authority in Yuen Kei San Wing Tzun. He has taught advanced disciples such as Leung Dai Chiu (King Leung), Wong Tit Wai (Teddy Wong), Ngo Lui Kay, and Tommy Wong are some of the teachers in North America. Other students, internationally, include Sum Jee, Kwok Won Ping, Lee Chi Yiu, Oliver Cheng, Yuen Jo-Tong, and an additional few. Furthermore, Sum Dix, son of Sum Nung, is now continuing in his father's footsteps.

Dr. Sum Nung and the late Yip Man were friends in his youth. Yip Man became the head of the Hong Kong branch of Wing Chun while Dr. Sum Nung is considered the head of the Guangzhou Wing Tzun in China (also known as Yuen Kei-San Wing Tzun). One of Sum Nung's top student's is Leung Dai Chiu. Not only did he complete the Wing Tzun training, but he also completed the medical training under Dr. Sum Nung. Leung taught Guangzhou Wing Tzun in Hong Kong in the 70s and with the help of his kung fu brother, Dr. Teddy Wong, he migrated to the United States where he taught several students, including Dr. Wong's three children (Victor, Waring and Vivian), in the 80s. Leung is currently concentrating on his business and practices medicine on the side.

Wong Tit Wai (Teddy Wong), began learning kung fu at the age of 9 and his entire life has been dedicated to the martial arts. He first learned Mi Jon (Lost Track) from Lau Jok Fung who was one of the higher level students of the Jin Mo (Ching Woo) school founder, Fok Yuen Ja. He then learned Mok Gar (Shaolin kicking style) from Dr. Cheung Wing Fei. The style that attracted him the most however, was the Yuen Kei San Wing Tzun that he learned under Dr. Sum Nung. Sifu Wong has been teaching Yuen Kei San Wing Tzun since the 70s. He holds a doctorate in mathematics from NYU and is currently a Chairperson in the mathematics department of a NYC college. He is also an auther of a mathematics text book. Known to be amongst the favorite students of Dr. Sum Nung, sifu Wong has proudly produced many advanced students over the years, such as Stewart Wallace, Vasco Montez, Mike Engle, Paul Tsang, Hector Bourren, Giovanni Falconi, Steve Arboleda, Mike Cavaliere, Manny and Steve Choi, Steven Zeth, Stephen Mass and others. His students come from a wide range of backgrounds, including doctors, police officers, federal agents, engineers, etc.