Dictionary of History and Culture of Foshan

Translation by Leung Ting Exerpt from Roots of Wing Chun by Leung Ting

"There was a famous Peking-style Opera actor by the name of Cheung Ng, Alias Cheung Hin, or nick-named Tan Sau Ng?. Cheung Ng always expressed his dissatisfaction with the administration of the Ching Government in his satirical and irony plays. This annoyed the Ching Government. For this reason Cheung Ng had to escape from detention by the Chings , in the years of Yung Ching (1723-1735). When Cheung escaped to Foshan, he became a beggar. he lived somewhere in Dai Kei Mei. Every night he lived on singing songs to entertain the local people."

"Cheung Ng was very talented in singing, playing any role in the opera ,fine arts, martial arts and performance, ect. Soon his splendid performances attracted the opera actors of the King Fa Wui Goon. Cheung Ng began to tach the opera actors the techniques of Northern Opera performance. He became the greatest Grandmaster in the Cantonese opera circle and was regarded by is students as "Sifu Cheung Ng the Great Teacher""

Note:The way Chinese beggars asked for money is to stretch out a palm to ask the passers-by. This resembles the position of the Tan Sao found within the Wing Chun System.


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