The History Of Wing Chun-by Liang Guangman

Wing Chun comes from around 1810 from snake and crane shape boxing. In Chuanjiao, Fujian, Yim Yee was going to be arrested by the government so he fled with his daughter, Wing-Chun, to hide and sold tofu for a living. His martial arts were healthy, beautiful, and effective and he taught it to Wing-Chun. One day while she was washing clothes by the river she saw a snake and crane fighting. She watched and learned from them and later she mixed the inspiration with her knowledge of Fujian Shaolin styles and made it suit herself.

A merchant from Shangxi named Leung Bok-Lao, who had been a student of the Henan Shaolin Temple, came to relax in a hotel. By chance, one day under the light of the moon he saw Yee and his daughter Wing-Chun practicing martial arts beside the tofu grinders. He thought Wing-Chun was beautiful and had excellent technique. He fell in love with her. He stayed and passed by many times to talk with them about martial arts. His first wife had died, and he though Wing-Chun had excellent fighting skills, so he wanted to marry her. He had a friend ask, but Wing-Chun was too embarassed to answer. Yim thought Leung was good-looking, and was a fellow Shaolin follower, so he agreed for his daughter and they were married. After a few years, Yim Yee died and they moved to Shangxi but due to the constant fighting of bandits and soliders, they moved again to north Guangdong (Ngam Hong Yuen village). They opened a small business and taught "Wing Chun Kuen" to some students. In about 1815, they moved the school to Zhaoqing and continued teaching.

The Red Junk Opera Company would often travel between Zhaoqing and Foshan. Wong Wah-Bo (Mo-Sang), Leung Yee-Tai (Mo-Deng), Ah Kam (Dai Fa Min), and Siu Fook (Siu-Sang) met them and learned Wing Chun. The Opera performers later went back to Foshan. When Wong Wah-Bo retired in Foshan, he taught the son of a pharmicist named Leung Jan. Leung Jan taught many, many, students including Chan Wah, Chan Kwai, Leung Kai, etc. Chan Wah graduated and went on to teach Chan Yu-Min, Ng Jung-So, etc. Another branch included Fok Bo-Chuen, Yuen Jai-Wan, Yuen Kay-San, Yiu Choi, Yip Man, etc. Yiu Choi taught Yiu Kai who taught Leung Keung, etc. Later, there were many branches. To my knowlegde, in Guangzhou is Sum Nung. Foshan has Pan Nam, Yiu Kai, Leung Gan-Moon, Chan Yin-Cheung, Chia Gin-Keung, etc. Zhaoqing has Leung Wai-Choi, etc. Shunde has Chan Wa's grandson, etc. Macao has Leung Keung, etc. Hong Kong has Yip Man, etc.

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