Foshan Atheletic Committee Records of Yuen Kay Shan By Yuen Jo Tong

Although I, Yuen Jo-Tong, am a middle age adult, my understanding of martial arts is somewhat limited. I have never been initiated into any style of Wing Chun. However, according to the consistent accounts of my father, uncle, Sum Num and the documents of the Foshan Committee regarding my deceased grandfather, early in his youth, my grandfather Yuen Kay Shan studied under the Qing dynasty Ngao Moon Bo Tao (imperial constable) Fok Bo Chun. In one of the records kept by the Foshan Athletic Committee it is written that:

"Dai Fa Min Kam (Painted Face Kam) taught Wing Chun Kuen, to Fung Siu Ching in Guangzhou. Fung, a native of Shunde, was later invited by Ma Bok-Leung of Foshan's son, Ma Jung Yiu; Jiu Gan Heung, son of the owner of the Go Sing Tong (Charity Hall); Lo Hao Po of the Yin Joy restaurant; Nanhai native Li Guang Po; NgNgau Si of the Fai Jee (Chopsticks) street Butcher Shop; Leung Yan of Fa Hung Road; Yuen Kay Shan, son of the owner of the fireworks store on Chen Bak Road (as well as Yuen Kay Shan's fourth brother Yuen Chai Wan who was known as Dao Po Chai (Pock Skin Chai) and who was later invited to teach martial arts at the Nanhai & Shude Union in Vietnam) to teach Wing Chun Boxing in Foshan. At that time, Fung Siu Ching lived and was cared for at the Yuen family's ancestral home of Song Yuen (Mulberry Gardens) in Foshan (this building is now the tax office located on Fushen Road, Foshan City). Fung Siu Ching remained there until he passed away at an age of 73 years. Ma Jung Yiu, Yuen Kay Shan, Jiu Gang Heung, Ngau Si, and others officiated at Fung's funeral.

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