History of Chinese Plays and Arias-by Meng Yiu-Exerp #1

Translation by Leung Ting
"Due to the fact that Cheung Ng coulnd not stay in Peking, he escaped to Foshan to avoid capture. It was in the Years of Yung Ching"


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History of Chinese Plays and Arians-Exerp #2

Translation by Yip Chun?
A HISTORY OF CHINESE OPERA, by Mang Yiu, Vol. III, page 631: "For some reason, Cheung Ng could not stay on in the capital, so he fled and took refuge in Foshan. This was during the reign of Yung Cheng. This man, nicknamed Tan Sau Ng?, was a character "unsurpassed in literary and military skills, and excellent in music and drama." He was especially proficient in the techniques of Siu Lam. After settling down in Foshan, he passed on his knowledge in traditional opera and martial arts to the Hung Suen (Red Boat) followers, and established the Hung Fa Wui Koon in Foshan. Today, Cantonese opera groups revere him as Jo-Si (Founding Master), and refer to him as Master Cheung."


  • Wing chun Martial Arts by Yip Chun and Danny Occoner

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