Foshan Wushu

  • Here is the homeland of the Great Master Huang Feihong,
  • Here is the homeland of Yongchun Master Leung Jan,
  • Here is the homeland of world Wushu Sage Bruce Lee.

Foshan is located at the south center of Guangdong. In the past, Foshan was subordinate to Panyu County, Nanhai Prefecture, at the inland of Pearl River Delat, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, convenient in water and land traffic. Foshan has vast territory and abundant resources, where the folkway is simple. The birth of heroes brings glory to a place. From the old, Foshan has been a land flowing with milk and honey and an open port.

Foshan started in Jin Dyansty and won the name in Tang Dynasty. It was famous for developed handcraft industry and commerce. In Ming Dynasty, it was one of the four famous towns in China, as famous as Hakou in Hubei, Jinde in Jiangxi and Zhuxian in Henan. In modern times, it was the frontline of capitalist economy development. On November 1, 1992, Li Peng, the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee Member and Prime Minister of State Council, inscribed Historic Famous Town and Pioneer of Reform for Foshan.

Foshan is a town of Southern Wushu in China. It has an important positin in the Wushu history of China. This was in compliance witht the social economic development of Foshan in Ming Dyansty and Qing Dynasty. As the textile, dyeing, casting, ceramics and agricultural products processing (e.g. rice machine) developed rapidly, and the jobholders (formerly called Machine Room Men) were fond of Wushu activities. The people from different places found the connection in Wushu. The Souther school of Wush emphasizes boxing within a scope of cow, which focus on short boxing and striking. These characteristics seem to be connected to the professional environment of such Machine Room Men, different from the Northern Leg popular in North China. Thouth the famous Hong Boxing, Yongchun Boxing, Cailifo Boxing of South school Wushu were not originated from Foshan, they were developed in Foshan. The Guangdong Opera and the Chinese traditional medicine are closed connected to Wushu, thus Foshan has become a famous Land of Gungdogn Opera and Land of Chinese Traditional Medicine. In Foshan, there appeared famous Wushu schools in modern times like Hongsheng Guan amd modern sports society Foshan Jingwu Sports Society. These schools and societies were deeply connected to modern revultions in China and were the frontline for Sino-foreign Wushu exchanges. The people exercising Wushu Foshan actively participated all the revolutions since modern times: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, Red Hankerchief Army (Hong Army) Chen Kai and Li Wenmao Uprise, 1911 Revolution, Anti-Japanese War etc. As Foshan is near to Hong Kong and Macao, many people with Kong Fu in Foshan went abroad at early times. Especially at the failure of great revolution at the end of Qing Dynasty, the intital period of Anti-Japanese War and at the eve of establishment of the Peoples Republic of China, groups of Wushu experts left to Hong Kong and other places in the world, which objectively promoted China Wushu in the world. After establishment of the Peoples Republic of China, the Foshan Wushu experts have made their contributions in medical health, sports, entertainment, artistic performance, historical and cultural relics and tourism.

Since the modern times, Foshan have fostered a group of Wushu stars, including Zhang Yan, Chen Sheng, Lei Chan, Li En, Li Su, Yuan Xie, Huang Si, Qian Weifang, Wu Qin, Tang Xi, Cehng Xiongzhi, Li Wang, Tang San, Liu Zhong, Fang Yushu, Kong Deguang, Cui Zang, He Yi and He Xiang of Cailifo Boxing;Leung Jan( Liang Zan),Chan Wah Shun (Chen Huaxun),Chan Yiu Men? (Chen Numia, Ye WenNg Chun So? (Wu Zhongsu), Liye, Yuen Kay Shan (Yuan Qishan), Zhan Jiu,Cheung Bo (Zhang Bao),Yiu Kay (Yao Cai),Pan Nam? Peng Nan, Ye Huai,Sum Num (Cen Neng) of Wing Chun(Yongchun) Boxing; Huang Feihong, Lin Shirong and Yang Sancai of Hong Boxing; Liang Shisu and Liu Xin of Shaolin Boxing; Li Peixuan of Foshan Jinwu Sports Society, and the international famous expert Bruce Li, a native of Junan, Shunde, who established Jiequan Boxing in the United States. There are also many experts hidden in the common people, too numerous to mention one by one.


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