Sum Num Lineage

Ng Mui (White crane soft boxing) + Miu Shin (Internal snake boxing)


Sum Num Wing Chun Kuen is the modern day branch of the Yuen Kah Shan Family Wing Chun Kuen, being passed down directly from "one person to one person" for at least four verifiable generations, since the Opera Boat generation circa 1850-1900. Both of Yuen Kay Shan Sijo teachers, Fung Siu Ching and Fok Bo Chun were apprentices on the Red Boats. Both teachers activly used their Wing Chun Kuen daily during their respective professions including an imperial marshal and imperial constable. Both teachers taught Yuen Kay Shan their interpretation of the Wing Chun Kuen system. Yuen Kay than preserved and passed the system down in its entirety to only one disciple named Sum Num.

Sum Num had already developed a firm foundation learning from a Kung Fu great nephew of Yuens named Cheung Bo, a cook at Tien Hoi restraunt. Sum learned from Cheung a fierce San sik style Wing Chun Kuen around 1938-1942, around which time he started learning directly from Yuen until he passed away in 1956.

Sum Num kept within his Wing Chun Kuen system the San Sik method as passed down by Fung Siu Ching (via Cheung Bo and Yuens line) and the standard three hand forms (from Wong Wah Boe to Fok Bo Chun), found in most modern Wing Chun.


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