Cheung Bo


(Dai Ngao Bo)

Cheung Bo (Zhang Bao) was born in 1899 and early on studied the Hung Kuen system. An avid fighter, one day he lost an encounter to a Wing Chun Kuen boxer named Dr. Wai Yuk-Sang and became Wai's student.

Cheung was often called Dai Ngao Bo (Da Niu Bao, Big Bull Bo) due to his size and strength. He worked as a Dim Sum chef at the Tin Hoi restaurant on Kuaizi (Chopstick) street in Foshan and developed a fierce reputation as a fighter. He taught wing chun kuen from his home, from the Koi Yee Union, and from the restaurant.

Among Cheung Bo's students were his third son Cheung Hon, his seventh son Cheung Mo-Gan (known as Ah Chut), as well as Wong Got-Chuen and Sum Nung (whom he arranged to continue studying under his good friend Yuen Kay-San).

Notes: Compiled from oral and written accounts of Sum Nung Wing Chun Kuen (esp. Sum Nung (incl. picture) and Cheung Chut), and Foshan Jing Wu. Special thanks to KLP.

Cheung Hon Cheung Mo Gan Wong Got Chuen Sum Nung