Tom Wong

Sifu Tom Wong is an expert in various martial arts including Wing Chun, Taijiquan, and Shaolin Desui. His study of martial arts began at the young age of 11 under police chief Master Tam with the Wu family style of Taiji. One year later at the age of 12, Master Tam introduced the young Tom Wong to the legendary Wing Chun Master Sum Nung. Given the political state of the PRC at the time, Sum Nung was already incredibly selective about who he taught and was especially hesitant to accept a student so young. However, Wong displayed an incredible learning ability and memory that none could deny and was accepted as an inner-door disciple. After Sum Nung WC was sanctioned by the PRC in 1989, Sum Nung appointed Tom Wong as the top master outside of China.

Master Tam would continue introducing Sifu Wong to various other legendary figures in the vast martial arts world of China including Chen Ko. Chen Ko was a master of Shaolin Desui, a relatively obscure and unknown art until the early 1900's. Chen Ko had attained status as a national treasure of China due to his many fine accomplishments with Shaolin Desui and was also nicknamed "Immortal Leg", as he had the ability to kick and bend a 4 cm in diameter steel bar. Among these more prominent figures, Sifu Wong also studied with various other masters before moving to Los Angeles to meet his grandfather.

Sifu Wong's teaching emphasizes practical fighting skills that can be applied to real fights. This however doesnt mean that his teaching can't be applied in the ring. In 1989, he helped coach the Chinese Sanda team with Lee Chi Ming. Drawing on his more than 30 years of experience, he has distilled his teaching into its most potent form. This allows his students to get maximal fighting skill in minimal time. Innovating new training methods based on classical ones, Tom Wong's kung fu represents a new pinnacle in the martial arts. His teaching covers all ranges of fighting (including grappling on the ground) and doesn't neglect the importance of physical conditioning.

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