Ivan Rzounek (1968 - present)

Ivan started martial arts training at the early age of 8 years old with "Greco-roman wrestling". Years later at age 15, he changed styles and first learned the stand-up martial art of "Shotokan Karate". During the mid 1980's he emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Germany, and started to practice Chen and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Master Lu Jian Guo from Beijing. Following a short experiance with Jun Fun / JKD and FMA, Ivan began to practice "Leung Ting - Wing Tsun". His sifu was KR Kernspecht but trained frequently with his Sihing Jurgen Pottiez of Karlsruhe, Germany. After return to the Czech Republic in 1990 Ivan Rzounek established the first Wing Chun school in Czechoslovakia, and was, for a short period of several years, the chief instructor, of all "Leung Ting Wing Tsun" schools, at that time, in Czech and Slovakia.

Later Ivan decided to sever any connection to his formerly affiliated organisation and bagan to practice "Lok Yiu Wing Chun" under Lok Yiu's European representative, German Wilhelm Blech.

In this day and age, where we have access to so much information, everyone is aware that Wing Chun Kuen, is a product of China. So from February 1999 Ivan Rzounek became the student of Wong Nim Yi Sifu of Guangzhou, the son and inheritor of Mai Gai Wong. Ivan has spent 8 years as of 2007, traveling to China learning from Wong Sifu, as well as researching Wing Chun Kuen, in general with all the differant lineages directly in their place of birth.

Ivan spends much of his time, spreading the Wing Chun Kuen system of the Wong Family in Europe.

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  • Ivan Rzounek