Fok Bo Chun

Fok Bo Chun (Huo Baoquan/ Kok Bo-Chuen), was said to have been nicknamed "Seung Dao Fok" (Shuang Dao Huo, Double Knife Fok) due to his skill and perfection at the Wing Chun Yee Jee Tao. According to oral tradition, as well as documented information, located within the Foshan Committee, states that Fok Bo Chun, was a student of King Fa Wui Goon performers Wong Wah Bo and Dai Fa Min Kam.

In a variation from the Yiu Kay oral tradition, Fok Bo Chun was said to have learned from Opera performer Law Man Gung a classmate of Leung Lan Kwai, in Jinjiao, Guangxi area.

During the end of the Qing dynasty, Fok Bo Chun worked as an Ngao Moon Bo Tao-(Imperial constable) in Foshan and had a feared reputation for his profound Wing Chun skills and great depth of martial arts knowledge.

During the early years of the 1900s, he was engaged to teach Wing Chun Kuen to Yuen Chai Wan and Yuen Kay Shan, by their wealthy merchant father. Fok Bo Chun was said to have taught the Yuen brothers the Fist forms, Muk Yan Jong, Juk Jong, Look Dim Boon Gwun?, Yee Jee Tao? and Fei Biu. Some accounts state he also passed down the "Iron Sand Palm" method.

In a unique and slightly far fetched tradition, the Vietnamese branch of Yuen Chai Wan, preserves that Fok Bo Chun had converted to monasticism under the name of Giac Hai Dai Su, to complete his training at the Temple of the Diamond. Yuen Chai Wan spent seven years housed in this pagoda perfecting his techniques in the company of Nguyen Trung and Nguyen Minh (Hoang Tuong Fong).


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