Wai Yuk Sang

Not alot is known about Wai Yuk Sang. It was said that he was a student of a fellow student of Yuen Kay Shan, by the name of Au Tze, who learned from Famed Bounty hunter Fung Siu Ching, when he lived at the Yuen Estate at Mullberry Gardins. Wai Yuk Sang by some accounts was Cheung Bo, Sum Nungs first Sifu. Wai Yuk Sang, was a Nationalist doctor, who became a devoit Taoist later in life. Due to feelings of Guilt of teaching a fighting system, Wai Yuk Sang started teaching Chi Kung and internal arts. At one point he taught Sum Nung some of his medical knowledge, and passed down the "Kidney Qi Returns to the Source" to Sum.

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