Yim Yee

Yim Yee (Yan Er), sometimes called Yim Sei (Yan Si), or by the nickname Yee Gung (Er Gong or Grandfather Yee), was Yim Wing Chun's father. In some oral traditions he was only significant in terms of being Wing Chun's Father. In Other traditions he plays a very significant role in passing down the Wing Chun System.

One Oral Tradition that has been passed down from Yuen Kay Shan and and Cho Family systems, relates that Yim Yee was a disciple of the Fujian Shaolin temple, and member of the Hung Mun society's military Red Pole sect. When their plans were uncovered, Yim Yee was forced to flee with his infant daughter. Seeking refuge in Guangxi province, the Yim's opened a tofu shop and attempted to live a quiet life. At some point,Yim Yee met Miu Shin. Yim learned Miu Shin's System, which according to the late Cho Hong Choi's tradition, on Miu Shin's death bed, told Yim Yee, what he was taught was a hybred style of Ng Mui's Weng Chun Bok Hok and his Snake boxing methods. Modern day research by Cho Hung Choi and Hendrik Santo suggest that the System Miu Shin fused with Ng Mui's was actually the Emie Sup Yee Jong? (12 posts/forms).

Another tale suggests that Yim Yee proper called Yim Sei, a disciple of the Fujian Shaolin temple, distilled his knowledge of the revolutionary martial arts and named his style in honor of the place in which he lived, Yongchun (Weng Chun) County, Fujian province.

Yim Yee may or may not be the name of the person that these events are attributed. Most of the Myths and legends, of the world, are based on true factual characters with adulterations.


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