Miu Shin

Miu Shin (Miao Shun)a Native of Guangxi province, was said to have been a Lay-Monk sometimes named the link between Ng Mui (5 Plums Nun) and Yim Wing Chun's father, Yim Yee.

The Oral and Written Tradition passed down in both Yuen Kay Shan and Cho Family Wing Chun System's state that Ng Mui left the Bak Hok Jee (White Crane Temple) in Sichuan's Emei mountains to travel the countryside. At some point, Ng Mui passed through Guangxi Province, where she taught her Weng Chun County Bak Hok? Kuen (White Crane Boxing) to Miu Shin( Some Accounts name her the founder of the style but modern research points to her being a 5th generation inheriter of the system). Miu Shin mixed the style with a unknown system Snake Boxing system, unifying and refining them into a highly effective martial. Miu Shin later passed down his newly created system to his only disciple Yim Yee. On Miu Shin's death bed, he told Yim Yee that the system he had just learned was not Ng mui's system proper, but his own creation. It is commonly preserved that Miu Shin practised an internal Snake Boxing System. Some branchs preserve the tradition that Miu's his system was from Emie Mountain.

It has been theorized by Cho Family practioner aHendrik Santo, that Miu Shin actually practised a system from Emie refered to as the "Sup Yee Jong". As a Lay-Monk due to his oath to secracy, he couldnt share the Emie Sup Yee Jong openly. And so created his hybred style to leak the information to the public.

Cho Family members, Cho Hong Choi and his student Hendrik Santo came to believe that Miu Shin combined Ng Mui's White Crane Boxing with Emei Sup Yee Jong / She er Zhuang (Twelve Posts) to create Siu Lien Tao (Little First Training). This conclusion was reached when the first book on the Emei system and its Kuen Kuit were released, in the early 1980's, to the public, for the first time, in the history of the system. Cho Hung Choi and Hendrik notised that the Emie Kuen Kuit matched perfectly to the Cho Family Kuen Kuit that Cho Hong Choi preserved, which supposedly had been passed down directly from Yik Kam (The Kuen Kuit supposedly preserved by Cho Hong Choi, are actually Hand-Written by Yik Kam. Up until this point, has never been independently verified by any outside sources or researchers- 5/15/07).

Research continues by the Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute, to verify the second parent of the Red Boat Wing Chun system. This could verify the legend of Wing Chun being a mixture of Sai Ying Sao and Weng Chun County Bok Hok Kuen(Snake shape hand and White Crane Boxing), Emie Sup Yee Jong Snake Engine(H.Santos term) and Weng Chun County Bok Hok Kuen, or possible a compltely differant unknown system at this time.

In some rare accounts Miu Shin's daughter was said to have been the one who integrated the Yee Jee Dao methods into the Wing Chun System.


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