Wong Nim Yi (1963 - present)

Greatmaster Wong Wu Fong taught Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu to all of his children. The most famous of them is Master Wong Nim Yi, who lives and teaches in the south Chinese city Guangzhou. He trained Kung fu since early childhood under his fatherīs charge and watchful eye. He also learned from other important Masters to develop a broad understanding.

In his younger years, Wong Nim Yi spent alot of time in various competitions in both - fighting and forms. In year 2001 Wong Nim Yi won the "free chi sao competition in Foshan" in his category. But he is also skilled in the subtle art of Chinese caligraphy.

In 1998 Wong Sifu officialy opened and registered his own kung fu school.Up until that time he had taught out of fatherīs school, which he took over after his fathers death. Today he teachs his families "Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun" every day, in his school in Guangzhou, to many hundreds of interested students. During the day Wong Sifu's school is alive and full of pupils and various visiters. Many Wing Chun teachers from the surrounding area, as well as from afar, and Masters of other styles, visit for discussion about "Kung Fu" while enjoying tea. Dicussions are wide ranged, but have focus on the martial art aspects of the Chinese arts as well as traditional Chinese Culture.

Master Wong is a very pleasant and humorous man, who can in an instant, explode with incredible power and speed. His Wing Chun Kung Fu knowledge and fighting abilities are very deep after a life time of study and practise. His pupils are from all social and economic ranges, as well as from all age groups. In the last 8 years Wong Sifu began teaching his family system to non-Chinese pupils. His first non-Chinese student ever, is his Czech pupil,Ivan Rzounek who began learning in Febuary 1999 with his students from around the whole of Europe.


  • Ivan Rzounek