Kwok Wah Ping

Master Kwok is an Indonesian Chinese. In 1955, He went to China to study in Fushan Overseas Chinese School. He was 15 years old at the time.

  • Study in Guangzhou Sports School

Master Kwok studied in Fushan Overseas Chinese School for a year and was transferred to The 7th School of Guangzhou to continue studying. During campus life, Master Kwok was addicted to sports activities. And because of his outstanding sports result and his muscular figure, he then was recommended to enroll in Guangzhou Sports School to carry on his sports education in the aim of becoming a professional athlete.

Guangzhou Sports School is a pre-professional athlete training school. All students came from different levels like primary school, secondary school and factories. The aim of it is to train and maximize the potential of students to be future professional athletes. Training courses and items are the same as Olympics, assisted with scientific and modern teaching methods, to be the foundation of the students.

Master Kwok was majored in Mongolian wrestling, free style wrestling and martial arts. The instructor of martial arts was Fu Wing Fai, son of the famous bagua grandmaster, Fu Zhen Song, both of whom were very famous in China.

  • First prize in free style wrestling

In 1958, Master Kwok was chosen on behalf of Guangdong province, to participate in the National Games of China in Tianjin and gained the 6th position in Mongolian style wrestling. Following year, Master Kwok participated in The National Wrestling Competition of China which took place in Shanghai and gained the 3rd prize in free style wrestling. Master Kwok's rank was promoted to "First Level Athlete of China" but he was still a student at that time. In 1959, he graduated from high school and joined Guangzhou Sports Institute to carry on his athletic education. Guangzhou Sports Institute is like a sports university whose primary aim is to train students to be professional sports teacher or Olympics players.

In 1960 Master Kwok was transferred to Wuhan Sports Institute majored in free style wrestling and martial arts. In the same year, Master Kwok participated in the National Wrestling Competition of China which took place in Wuhan and won the first prize in free style wrestling. He's received the highest honour of all athletes in China, "China National Highest Athlete Rank". In China, people given this highest honour are the best athletes in the nation and this is also the goal of all athletes.

  • Fu Style Bagua and Guangzhou Wingchun

Master Kwok worked as the sport instructor in Guangzhou after graduation. Besides working, he dedicated himself to martial arts and was the student of the grandmaster, Fu Wing Fai. He learned all Fu Style, such as, Taichi, Liangyi, Sixiang, Xingyi, Bagua Dragon Palm, Bagua Spin Broadsword, Bagua Dragon Sword etc.

Another two years, Master Kwok got introduced to the Wingchun grandmaster, Sum Nung who was as famous as Master Yip Man in HK, in Guangzhou by his friend and started to learn Wingchun. Sum Nung was the student of Yuan Kay Shan whose Wingchun technique was very profound and was very famous in Wingchun society in Guangdong province.

  • Assistant Activities and Facilities are also Important

Master Kwok specifically pointed out that being a modernize athlete, he or she should practise other assistant activities and facilities to strengthen himself besides skill and technique training. Because these assistant activities and facilities will be able to strengthen the technique powers.

After Master Kwok came to HK, he setup Guangzhou Taichi Wingchun Bagua School in Sham Shui Po and started to teach wrestling, Fu Style and Wingchun.

  • Promote Martial Arts Widely

Master Kwok has promoted Fu Style and Guangzhou Wingchun very actively in HK. He has always demonstrated his martial arts in martial arts shows. After decade's works, his students are all around the world with different races.

Even now, Master Kwok is teaching and training his student by himself, one style by one style. His attitude towards martial arts really worths our respects.