Wong Jing

--- Wong Jing learned from several famous Wing Chun masters, from the early 1900s. He first learned from a rare Lineage of Leung Jans, passed down by a student of his named Lai Yeung. He than learned from Jiu Chow, a student of Chan Yiu Men. He than was able to learn directly from the Great wing chun master, Yuen Kay Shan, making him one of only a very few to actually recieve direct instruction, from the very private and reclusive Yuen Kay Shan.

Wong Jings branch split into 2. His student Mai Gai Wong, went on to study with Sum Nung, and formed his own school and branch, while Wong Jings other decendents took over his school and maintain it to this day, in the mainland.

Wong Jing, is acknowledged by Leung Ting, in his book "Roots and branchs of the wing chun system" as being one of the last living elders of the Wing chun system, along side Pan Nam and Fung Chun

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