Cho Family Ban Chung Lineage - (Hero's of Cho Gar)

Ng Mui - (white crane boxer)+ Miu Shun - (snake boxer)

Cho Gar Wing Chun Kuen, was passed down by Opera Performer "Cheng Tan" Yik Kam, a male playing female actor. He first taught Cho Shun, who was apprentising on the Red Boats, and than later retired to Poon Yu Village, native village of the Cho family, and passed down Wing Chun Kuen to support himself. According to some traditions Cho Shun's son, Cho Dak Sang, first learned from his father, than later from Yik Kam directly. He than passed the Wing Chun Kuen system down to Cho On and Cho Chuen. Cho Shun's also taught Sam Chan who only taught 6 students. His disciple Cheung Way Boe lives in West Penang, operating a temple, retired from active teaching.

Cho Chuen remained within Poon Yu Village passing down the system for future generations to learn. Cho On lived abroad,living in Hong Kong for a brief period of time in the 1940's, than relocating to Malasia, where he passed down the family traditions to Cho Hong Choi, SY Liu?, Yip Kin? and than later his grandstudent Ku Choi Wah.

The system called "Cho Family" Wing Chun Kuen, is formaly called "Ban Chun" or Opera House style. The curriculum of the Cho Family includes many forms and many styles including Wing Chun Kuen, Mok Gar, White Crane, Pai Mei, Choy Lay Fut and Hung Gar.


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