Cho Shun (Cao Shun), known as Dai Ngao Shun (Da Yan Shun, Cross-eyed Shun) was a member of the King Fa Wui Goon, who played the part of Siu Mo ("Little Martial").

The Cho family of Poon Yu Village (near Shunde and Foshan) have been practitioners of southern fist systems, such as Choy Lai Fut, Hung Gar, Mok Gar, and White Crane, for many years. Cho Shun joined the King Fa Wui Goon and became an Operatic performer/actor. He became the first known disciple of Yik Kam. Some oral accounts suggested after challenging Yik Kam, Cho Shun learned the hard way, about the Wing Chun system. After some time he went back to Poon Yu Village, for a visit with his family and told his brothers about the skills of Yik Kam. His brothers, not believing it, traveled to the pier where the Red Boats were parked. After repeatedly loosing in matches with Yik Kam , the Cho brothers begged him to accept them as a students. When the Opera Ban was in effect, Yik kam actually retired to Poon Yu and taught the Cho Family Wing Chun.

Cho Shun passed the art on to his son, Cho Dak Shing?. He also taught Sam Chan who lived in a nearby village.


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