Cho On

Cho On (Cao An) was born at then end of the 1900's, like his close relative Cho Chuen, the son of Cho Dak Sang. In some traditions considered a brother of Cho Chuen but normally accepted as simply a relative, he learned Yik Kam's Wing Chun Kuen system, from Cho Dak Sang in Poon Yu Village.

In the late-1920s/early-1930s he Moved and lived in Hong Kong for a period of time. By Profesion he was a Dim Sum Chef, but taught the Cho Family Wing Chun Kuen system to a chosen few. He eventualy relocated to Penang, Malaysia and again profesionaly worked as a cook. By the 1940s, Cho On decided to teach the Cho Family system of Wing Chun, to again a very select few. Among his students were Suen Yin Liu , Cho Hong Choi and later his grandstudent, Ku Choi Wah. Cho On lived into his 90's passing away in the 1980s.

Some accounts suggest a problem grew, between Cho Hong Choi and Cho On, prior to Cho On passing away. Cho On was very stringent in keeping the teachings, as they were passed down to him and evidently, Cho Hong Choi made some personal modifications that Cho On didnt agree with.


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