Poon Yu Village

Poon Yu is the village that the Cho Family have lived in for generations. The village and Cho Family have preserved at least 64 known forms that include, Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar, Mok Gar, White Crane, and the Wing Chun Kuen system of opera performer Yik kam. The Cho family actually invited Yik Kam, when he retired from the Opera (or in other accounts during the Opera Ban), to move to Poon Yu Village, and teach the Wing Chun system, in exchange for support, as was customary , for the older generation kung fu masters, in those days. Yik Kam, also called So Kai King? in some accounts, also operated an Osteopathic clinic in Poon Yu.

Yik Kam disciple Cho Shun taught his Son Cho Dak Sang, who passed the family system onto Cho On and Cho Chuen. Cho Shun also taught Saam Chan, who taught six students including Cheung Wah Boe?, in Ipoh, Malaysia. Cho On brought Cho Gar Wing Chun to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Cho Chuen stayed in Poon Yu passing down Cho Gar to future generations.

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Poon Yu/Pan Yu/Pun Yue

Status: District (2000) Region: South Guangdong Post Office and Telephone Postcode: 511400 Post Town: Shiqiao Dialling Code: 020 Demographics Population: - Total(2005 est)


Panyu or Pun Yue (█Ń禺)/Poon Yu is a district in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. It used to be a city before incorpated in the administration of Guangzhou. The name of Panyu dated back to the completion of the conquest of Guangdong by Qin Shi Huang. It was the old name of present-day Guangzhou. It covers an area of about 661.87kmę¸


Panyu lies at the heart of the Pearl River Delta, its boundary straddles from latitudes 22.26' to 23.05', and sprawls from longitudes 113.14' to 113.42'. Facing the Lion Sea in the east and the estuary of the [Pearl River] in the south, its eastern border is separated from the Dongguan by a strip of water, and the western border of Panyu is adjacent to the cities of Nanhai, Shunde and Zhongshan, while it abuts the downtown of Guangzhou in the north. The site of the People's government of Panyu is Shiqiao which is 17 kilometers from Guangzhou and 38 and 42 nautical miles from the cities of Hong Kong and Macao respectively

Administrative divisions:

Panyu, which is under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in China, administratively rules 16 towns, which includes Shiji, Shawan, Zhongcun, Dashi, Nancun, Xinzhao, Huanong, Shiluo, Langhe, Lingshan, Dagan, Dongchong, Yuwotou, Huangge, Hengli and Wanqinsha, 4 Street Administration Committees, which includes Shiqiao, Shatou, Donghuan and Qiaonan, and also rules Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone. 305 administration villages are under the jurisdiction of the above-mentioned administrative districts.


Established in Qin Dynasty in 214 BC, Panyu was one of the oldest cities in China. It became the capital of Nanyue in 204 BC.


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