Cho Dak Sang

Cho Dak Sang (Cao Desheng), according to the accounts of the Cho Hung Choi? branch, learned Wing Chun from his father, Cho Shun (known as Dai Ngan Shun, or Cross-Eyed Shun) in their native Poon Yu Village in Guangdong. In some accounts from the Suen Yin Liu branch, he was said to have studied directly under Yik Kam of the Red Junk Opera , along side his father Cho Shun, who he actually bested in a fight due to his skillfull appliations of Wing Chun Kuen. It was said that Cho Shun, having learned the traditional Cho Gar arts, such as Choy Lay Fut, Mok Gar, and Hung Gar, had a harder time learning the subtle nature of Wing Chun Kuen. Cho Dak Sang on the other side, never learned the family art, and was able to master it quickly, with little outside influence to his art.

Cho Dak Sang later taught the art to his sons Cho Chuen and Cho On. In some accounts, its related Cho Dak Sang also taught Cho Yam, another relative from Poon Yu Village.


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