Cheung Way Boe

Cheung Way Boe is the nephew of famous Malaysian Kung Fu master Cheung Hing. Cheung Way Boe lived in Penang his whole life and began learning Kung Fu from his uncle. Later his uncle recommended him to Saam Chan, who was living in Ipoh, and agreed to teach a few select students the Wing Chun Kuen system.

Cheung Way Boe learned from Saam Chan for 6 years. In 1972 he moved back to Penang, at age 27 and began passing on the Wing Chun Kuen system, under the name "Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen"

Cheung still lives in Penang, and is the last living known student of Saam Chan and the oldest living ranked Cho Gar practioner. He is also one of the few remaining fourth generation Wing Chun masters, who also includes Fung Chun of Kulo Village.? He is retired from active teaching and runs a temple in West Penang.


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