Cho Chuen

Cho Chuen (Cao Quan) like his brother, was born at the end of the 1900's. Being the son of Cho Dak Sang, he learned Wing Chun from his father, in their native Poon Yu Village, as well as other family arts such as Hung Gar, Mok Gar, and Choy Lay Fut, from either his father or other villagers. When Cho Dak Sang later passed away, Cho Chuen succeeded him and continued the Cho Family tradition, of passing down Yik Kam's Wing Chun system, within Poon Yu village, where his decendents remain to this day. It is known that Cho Chuen passed down 64 differant forms of Kung Fu, in Poon Yu village, which is greater than the 24 or so sets passed down by Cho On.

There is also a branch from Cho Chuen that left Poon Yu village, passing down the system outside the family.


  • Oral And written traditions Cho Family
  • Oral tradition Poon Yu village
  • Oral tradition Hendrik Santo
  • Oral account Y.Wu
  • Complete Wing Chun by Ritchie, Chu and Wu