Mai Gai Wong Lineage



The Mai Gai Wong family lineage was passed down to Mai Gai Wong by Wong Jing a classmate of Pan Nam?, Lee Shing, and Jiu Wan, from the time he trained with Jiu Chow?. Later Wong opted to learn from Lai Yeung?, a student of Leung Jans during his time teaching in Foshan. Wong Jing than met Yuen Kay Shan and became one of only a very few students that Yuen would accept.

Wong Jing taught several students, the most notable being Mai Gai Wong, a famous wrestler and friend of Kwok Wah Ping's (Disciple of Sum Num). As Wongs health declined, and lacking funds for medical treatment he passed away in 1972. It has been passed down that Wong Jing on his death bed instructed Mai Gai to go and learn from his kung fu uncle Sum Num, which Mai Gai Wong did in fact do. Hence Mai Gai Wong included the San Sik, passed down by Sum, into his system.

Wong Jings small clan still is preserving his teachings to this day in the Guangzhou area. Mai Gai Wong taught many students including his son Wong Nim Yi who is current head of the family.


  • Oral and written tradition Mai Gai Wong
  • Oral tradition Wong Nim Yi
  • Oral and written tradition Ivan Rzounek