Yuen Chai Wan Vietnam Lineage

Ng Mui

Chart corrected by the AWCKRI


Yuen Chai Wan, brother of famous Yuen Kan Shan of? Foshan, learned along side his brother from famed constable Fok Bo Chun and feared bounty hunter Fung Siu Ching.

When Fung Siu Ching passed away in 1936, Yuen Chai Wan travled to Vietnam to initialy teach ethnic Chinese that had immmigrated to Vietnam at the" Expatriots union". Some oral tradition states Yuen Chai Wan, actualy fled China, due to killing someone in a duel. The Chinese students, according to the oral traditions passed down, by the remaining decendents, learned the same Wing Chun Kuen material, that Yuen Kay Shan and Yuen Chai Wans Chinese Foshan period student Yiu Choi learned. It wasnt until he relocated and taught ethnic Vietnamese, that his Wing Chun curriculum changed drasticaly. It is said Yuen Chai Wan only passed down the Siu Lien Tao, Jong and the Pole. All other forms, supposdly from Yuen, would be almost impossible for him to have passed down, as he only practised Wing Chun, based on his Brothers own statements as well as his only known student in China, Yiu Choi. It is assumed that the Vietnamese students mixed in a wide eclectic range of Siu lum arts including many ideas based on the 5 animals, to fill in the gaps in information.

Looking at all of the information that has been preserved in Vietnam, we can also see the Lineage Chart portrays alot of incorrect data, that are proven incorrect by recorded facts,preserved within government documents, in China.


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