Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute

The AWCKRI is a nonprofit association, thatís core concern and goal, is the exploration, documentation, preservation, and practice of the Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Chinese Martial Art system (circa mid 1700ís to early 1900ís).

In this endeavor, we closely scrutinize the forms of Wing Chun Kuen, from the various branchís that are currently available, using a number of different resources that are available internally within the research institute.

Founder Brian Scanlon, had a desire to cut through modern day politics and marketing schemes and paint a clear picture of how the Wing Chun system looked prior to its being taught openly to the public in the 1950ís in Hong Kong, when the system went through a Streamlining process. To help in this endeavor, he searched out like-minded, individuals, who wanted to challenge current beliefs and perceptions, and put many myths to rest. He drew upon resources from every known, verifiable, lineage of Wing Chun. Thus the Ancestral Wing Chun Research Institute was born.

The AWCKRI humbly seeks to explore, document, and preserve the Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen System removed from the modern fetters of Ego, Marketing, and Cult like Mannerisms that plague many modern martial art systems and organizations.

The Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute is dedicated to working in an environment of tolerance, compassion, and friendship. The AWCKRI will remain a small non-profit, non-commercial association of people seeking the truth that lies beyond the current beliefs and marketing money machines.

The AWCKRI is currently working on a Book and DVD project that will firmly establish new ways of looking at the Wing Chun System, Its parent systems, and its evolution in Hong Kong.

This Project entails:

1) The Reconstruction of the Red Boat Ancestral Wing Chun System in Visual and written format.
2) A visual and written reconstruction of the Evolution and altering of the Ancestral Wing Chun System into several different modern branchís including Hong Kong Yip Man Wing Chun and Modern Day Weng Chun.
3) Visual and Technical Written Comparing and Contrasting Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen to its Parent system Weng Chun White Crane. For the first time proving the oral traditions of Ng Mui, Miu Shun, and the Snake and Crane.
4) The Investigation of the second parent system of the Ancestral Wing Chun System possibly the Emie Mountain Sup Yee Zhuang, the possible source of the Snake boxing that was fused with Ng Muiís Weng Chun White Crane.