Yiu Choi

(1890-1956) (Dai Lik Yiu Choi)

Yiu Choi (Yao Cai) first began learning Wing Chun Kuen from Yuen Chai Wan, the elder brother of Yuen Kay Shan, in roughly 1820 and studied with him until Yuen moved to Vietnam, in 1936, just after the death of his Sifu Fung Siu Ching. Just before he left, Yuen introduced Yiu Choi to his friend and fellow Wing Chun Kuen Practioner, Ng Chung So, to continue his studies.

In varied accounts, it is suggested Yiu Choi, also studied under Chan Wah Shun, but this is highly unlikely given the real-time accounts substantiating the opposite.

Yiu Choi and his elder brother, owned and operated an opium smoke and gambling house and later opened one on Shilutou. They offered Ng Chung So to hold his nightly classes, in the back room of the house. Ng taught from the club for roughly a decade until he retired, and Yiu Choi moved him into his home and cared for him, for roughly a decade, in exchange for further training for he and his son Yiu Kay. Ng Chung So lived and was cared for until he passed away.

Known as "Dai Lik" (Big Strong) due to his natural power, Yiu Choi taught Wing Chun Kuen to his son, Yiu Kay, as well as to students such as Go Bing? and Fok Joy?.

According to Wai-Po Tang, Grandmaster Yiu Kay stated that, his father Yiu Choi, was one of Yip Man's teachers. During different stages of life, there was also a time when both Yiu Choi and Yip Man had the same teacher (Ng Chung So). This makes Grandmaster Yiu Choi both Yip Man's Sifu and also elder Sihing. Yiu Choi is the 5th generation of wing Chun - bestowed upon him by Ng Chun So, the title 'Descendant of Wing Chun'.

Its currently unknown if Yiu Choi did partisipate in Yip Man's learning per say, but it is known that Yip Man, Yiu Choi, Ng Chung So, Lai Hip Chai, Yuen Kay Shan, and Yuen Chai Wan, spent alot of time together, taking tea or smoking, enjoying the discussion of the more sophisticated side of the Wing Chun System.


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