Yiu Choi / Yiu Kay Lineage


Yiu Family Wing Chun is a style founded by Yiu Choi, who learned from both Yuen Chai Wan, elder brother of Yuen Kay Shan, and Ng Chun So, the outstanding student of Chan Wah Shun. Yiu Choi learned from Yuen Chai Wan for almost 15 years, prior to Yuen relocating to Vietnam. At which time, he approached Ng Chun So, who was the manager, of Yiu Choi's Gambling and Smoke house, for tuition. Ng Chun So, was moved into the Yuen House, and taught Yiu Choi and his son Yiu Kay. Yiu Kay passed the system down to several students including his own sons, Yiu Hon Keung and Yiu Chung Keung.


  • Oral and written tradition Yiu Kay
  • Written tradition Wai Po Tang
  • Foshan Jing Mo Association
  • Leungs Publishing
  • New Martial Hero