Wai-Po Tang

Wai-Po Tang was born in Hong Kong. He went to live in England at the age of seven.

During the early years, he encountered a lot of racial problems. As a result, he started learning Pak Mei Kung Fu from his elder brother Yu-Po Tang, at 9 years old.

Pak Mei was well known as a fighter's style in Hong Kong. It was also notorious during the troublesome era of London Chinatown in the 1970's.

Master Wai-Po Tang is the 7th generation of wing Chun - direct Wing Chun Descendant of Grandmaster Yui Kay.

Master Tang was predominantly a self-research student from early stages of Wing Chun training. He was very disappointed with a lot of masters making false claims in the UK. Hence, he decided to seek the truth and walked on a long 20+ years journey of self discovery.

Wai-Po Tang was awarded the 'Wing Chun Descendant' in 1988, by Grandmaster Yiu Kay.


  • Oral and written tradition Wai-Po Tang