Yiu Kay

Grandmaster Yui Kil was born in Foshan, china in 1919. He took up Wing Chun training at a very young age of ten.

He had been teaching Wing Chun for over 50 years. During this time, he had only taught 16 students. Master Yui's last research student was Wai-Po Tang.

Unlike outside China, Wing Chun was taught on a very personal level. Tuition fees were unheard of, but often students and the student's family buy gifts for the master.

Grandmaster Yui Kil was renowned for his awesome 61/2 point pole and double swords combative techniques. He favours the original Wing Chun bamboo dummy as opposed to the Wooden dummy.

Grandmaster Yui Kil is the 6th generation of wing Chun - direct Wing Chun Descendant of Yui Choi. He was also the student Yuen Kay San and Yuen Lo Jah.

He awarded Wai-Po Tang the 'Wing Chun Descendant' in 1988.