Yip Kin's System

Curriculum :

  • Siu Fa Kuen (Small Flower Fist)
  • Dai Fa Kuen (Big Flower Fist)
  • Fuk Fu Kuen (Subdue Tiger Fist)
  • Siu Ng Ying (Small Five Elements)
  • Tiet Pao Jarn (Iron Elbow)
  • Yeung Mui Gwun (Pole)
  • Yum Yeung Ba Gwa Gwun (Yin Yang Eight Trigram Pole)
  • Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)
  • Luk Dim Boon Gwun? (Six and a Half Point Pole)
  • Wu Dip Seung Dao (Double Butterfly Knives)
  • Mui Fa Cheung (Plum Blossom Spear)
  • Lao Yip Seung Dao (Willow Leaf Double Knives)
  • Fook Fu Dai Pa (Subdue Tiger Big Trident)
  • Chun Chow Dai Dao (Big Spring Autumn Knive
  • Dan Dao Tang Pai (Single Broadsword & Rattan Shield)
  • Fei Tok (Flying Plummet)
  • Wang Tau Tang (Long Bench)
  • Sam Jeet Gwun (3 section cudgel)
  • Lion Dancing

Yip Kin Wing Chun Kuen (Ye Jian Yongchunquan), sometimes refered to as Malaysian Wing Chun, was founded by Yip Kin, a kung fu enthusiast from Poon Yu Village. Yip Kin was said to have been first a student of Yip Hang Sing, learning Hung Gar and Yam Yeung Bot Gwai Gwun. Than continued his studies with Cho Fei Hung, learning 5 ancient weapon sets, and than finaly learning the Wing Chun system from So Kai Ming? and than Later Cho On.

Oral and Written Tradition from the Yip Kin family states that So Kai Ming?, also known as Yik kam, a native of Poon Yu village, who was a Cheng Tan opera performer, retired from the Opera back to Poon Yu village, opened an osteopathic clinic, and taught Wing Chun to the natives of Poon Yu village. So Kai Ming had actually taught fellow Poon Yu Native Cho Shun, during the period of being in the Opera. Some traditions state that Cho Shun's son, Cho Dak Sang, first learned from his father, and than Also from So Kai when he retired back home and opened an Osteopathic clinic. It was Cho Dak San's Son Cho On, who continued Yip Kin's Wing Chun Training at some point.

Cho Hong Choi's student Hendrik Santo?, in modern times, as refuted that Yik Kam's name is So Kai ming, and that it was Yik Kam that retired to Poon Yu Village not someone named So Kai Ming. This currently hasnt been verified as fact, either way.

Some Cho Tradition states Yip Kin? learned some Wing Chun Kuen from his wife and/or father-in-law. And than later was said to have picked up more from the Cho On and the Cho family in Malaysia.

Currently Yip Kin's son Yip Fook Choi? is current head of the family, and has been officialy recognized by Cho On Family of Singapore, as being an official branch of Cho Family Wing Chun.


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