Wong Jing Family Lineage



Wong Jing isnt well known in the west, yet he was one of the most senior Wing Chun Kuen masters in the entire clan during 1960s-1970s. Wong was an avid Wing Chun student, learning from some of the most prominant masters of the 1900s including Jiu Chow?, Lai Yeung? and Yuen Kay Shan.

He was first introduced to Wing Chun during the late 1940s by Jiu Chow (top student of Chan Yiu Men). His classmates from this time period included: Pan Nam, Lee Shing, Jiu Wan, Leung Lam, and other masters from the 1970s.

He is the only known student of Lai Yeung a Foshan student of Leung Jans. Later he was accepted as a student of Yuen Kay Shan, which was a unique chance as the only other official student Yuen accepted was his only disciple Sum Num.

Wong lived a fairly long life, but was plagued by financial problems during the 1960s and 1970s. He died in 1972. Wong Jings most famous student is Mai Gai Wong, who went on to head his own clan, while Wong Jings family is currently headed by his son and few remaining students.


  • Oral and written tradition Mai Gai Wong Family
  • Oral and written tradition Ivan Rzounek
  • Oral and written tradition Sum Num