Wing Tsun System


Wing Tsun (tm) is Leung Ting?'s trademarked system of Yip Man Wing Chun. It is very different in look and style than other Yip Man Wing Chun lineages characterized mostly by a narrow stance with the weight on the back leg and the straight blast chain punch? as the main weapon. Leung Ting was originaly a student of Pak Chung?, a student of Leung Sheung, as well as a class -mate, from their studies from Tang Suen. Pak Chung was Leung Tings, paternal Uncle, and started his journey in Wing Chun Kuen. At one point Leung started also learning from his Sigung Leung Sheung. After many years, he approached Yip Man, to accept him as a private student. Being Leung Ting had money to offer the elderly Yip Man, was accepted, as Yip's Last closed door student. In modern times, it has come out that friction between Leung Sheung and Yip Man was the catalyst for Yip to break tradition and accept a great grandstudent as a direct diciple.


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