Bot Jam Dao

Bot Jam Dao or Character 8 Slashing Swords is the name given to Yip Man's Knife form, during his Hong Kong Era of Teaching. This name wasnt used in when he taught in Foshan nor was it used for the Early students in Hong Kong. Wong Shun Leung was known to have stated that the name was introduced in the 1960's. The Name Bot Jam Dao can only be found in one other wing chun lineage. Contained within Pao Fa Lien? Wing Chun are a set of knives called the Millstone Swords. There are 2 or 3 differant sets. The core set being called the Bot Jam Dao form. It is unknown if this is where Yip Man derived the name or not.

It is known the Yip Man actually taught several differant versions of the knives over the years. Wong Shun Leung stated there was 2 Sets. The standard 8 section set and the true full 12 section form. But even within the 8 section form, there is alot of variation. This gives weight to the argument that Yip Man Devised his own Knife form, and evolved it over the years.

Sub Variations:

  • Wong Shung Leung 8 section version:
  1. Qi - Stab
  2. Jam - Chop
  3. Gan - Block and Cut
  4. Kwan - Double Block
  5. Bong - Deflect
  6. Biu - Line Deflect Forward
  7. Jaam - Stop
  8. Tan Qi - Deflect out and Stab
  • Chu Shong Tin 8 section version:
  1. Sam Tan Pak Dao - Huen Dao
  2. Sam Bong Wu Dao - Huen Dao
  3. Sam Gan Sam Gwok Mah Juen- 3 Forward Steps with shifting
  4. Sam Seung Yee Jee Dao/Wu Sam Gwok Mah - 3 Retreating Steps
  5. Jam Dao
  6. Biu Dao
  7. Gan Dao Bik Mah
  8. Fak Dao Seung Mah
  • Yip Chun 8 Section Version:
  • Yip Ching 8 Section Version:
  • Francis Wu 8 Section Version:
  • Moy Yat / Sunny Tang - 3 Differant Version 8 Section Form:
  • William Cheung version Wu Dip Dao / Butterfly Swords:
  1. Lan Dao
  2. Kwan Dao
  3. Gan Dao
  4. Jut Dao
  5. Tan Dao
  6. Fak Dao
  7. Chit Dao
  8. Jaam Dao
  9. Pak Dao
  10. Biu Dao
  11. Tong Dao