Tang Suen

Tang Suen, was an early student of Fung Siu Ching, when he first started teaching, Wing Chun after leaving the Opera. Tang Suen was accepted and started learning right after the Dong Brothers started.Tang was the first to teach Fung Siu Ching's Wing chun in Hong Kong, teaching a blend of Fung Siu Chings Wing Chun, and the Tang family? methods. He was invited by a friend named Mr.Chiu to teach Wing CHun to the workers of his trading company. This lasted ruffly 1 year, until a fatefull New Years festival, where the 2 lion dancing teams erupted into a fight. Many injuries occured and even deaths. The Hong Kong Government cracked down on Martial arts and passed strict laws. Mr.Chiu had to end Tang Suens employement due to the legal preasures, that a law abiding merchant would want nothing to do with.

Tang Suen moved to Kwangtung and started teaching the Police department. This teaching period lasted for ruffly 2 years, until his boss, Chan King Wah, the Chief of police, was murdered for political reasons. Tang Suen again left Kwangtung returning to Foshan.

Tang Suen had 6 daughters with his wife by this time, at age 30.He took a concubine wife by the name of Mug. Her father was a famous northern master of Sun Chow Bart Kuen? style. They lived a life of Kung fu street performers until her fathers passing away. Fortune favored her, as Tang suen was extremly happy, to hopefully have a male child, which she did give him. His first son was finnaly born, and was given the name Tang Yik?. Miss Tang Mug, had learned Tang Suens Wing Chun and mixed its methods with her fathers Sun Chow Bart Kuen, and taught this method to her son. When Tang Yik was older, he began formal dicipline under his father, learning along side, Pak Chung?.

Dragon shape boxer Leung Sheung, also learned from Tang suen, until he had a fatefull meeting with Yip Man, and shortly after, became Yip's first student. Tang Suen's student Pak Chung also learned from Leung Sheung at one point, learning Yip Man's Wing Chun Methods. Pak incidently was the paternal uncle of Leung Ting, and started his first journey in the Wing Chun system


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