Ng Chun So's System


Ng Chun So Wing Chun, is the sytem passed down by the second student of Chan Wah Shun, Ng Chun So, who along side his brother, were the Dai Sihing of Chan's School. Ng Chun So? ran a Gambling and Opium Club for his friend Yiu Choi, and taught Wing chun at night. When Ng Chun So was older, he moved in with Yiu Choi and his son Yiu Kay, passing on to them, his Wing chun Methods. Its interesting to note, that Yiu Family do not preserve a Luk Dim Boon Gwun, Muk Yan Jong form, nor Knives from Ng Chun So. Its not known if this material wasnt known to Ng Chun So, or if he simply didnt pass the material on for some reason.


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  • Oral and written tradition Yiu Kay
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