Mai Gai Wong's System

Core Curriculum:


  • Oral and written tradition Wong Nim Yi
  • Oral and written tradition Mai Gai Wong
    • Oral and written tradition Ivan Rzounek

Mai Gai Wong Wing Chun Kuen (Miji Wang Yongchunquan) was founded by Wong Wu Fong, better known as Mai Gai (Rice Machine) Wong. Wong Wu Fong first learned from Wong Jing one of the only formal students accepted by Yuen Kay Shan. On Wong Jing's death bed he told Wong Wu to find his SiBok Sum Num, was Yuen Kay Shan's inheritor. Wong Wu Fong tracked Sum Num, learning his approach which included the Sup Yee San Sik of Cheung Bo. Mai Gai Wong was also skilled in Northern Shaolin, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Taihui, Mok Ga Kuen, Xingyiquan, boxing, wrestling, and weight lifting, and he was said to have incorporated many innovations into his Wing Chun Kuen, spreading his art into Huayuan County and throughout the Pearl River Delta. Mai Gai Wong, passed his system down to his son and inheritor, Wong Nim Yi, who contiues to spread the Wong Family Wing Chun Tradition in Guangzhou, China.

Wong Nim Yi's student, Ivan Rzounek, has helped spread the Wong Family traditions outside of China, throughout Europe.

Full Curriculum of Mai Gai Wong: