Law Man Gung

Law Man Gung (Luo Wengong), of Yam Chow (Jinchow) known as San Kuen Law (Shen Quan Luo or God Fist Law) is said to , in some oral traditions , the Sifu of Fok Bo Chun, Yuen Kay Shan's first teacher. This tradition has been passed down by Yiu Kay, whose father,Yiu Choi, learned From Yuen Kay Shan's brother Yuen Chai Wan. It is interesting to note, that Yuen Kay Shan never mentioned this in any of his oral or written accounts, nor did his only disciple, Sum Num. Oral tradtion, as passed down From Sum Num, Yuen Jo Tong, and information preserved by the Foshan Commitee, states that Fok Bo Chun and Fung Siu Ching both learned from Dai Fa Min Kam with Wong Wah Bo helping in the training of Fok Bo during the Opera Ban Period.

Some oral tradition suggests Law Man Gung was a classmate of Leung Lan Kwai. Both having learned the art of Wing Chun Kuen, as passed down by Leung Bok Lao. In Some accounts, It is suggested that Law Man was an actor on the Red Boats, and learned along side Wong Wah Bo and Dai Fa Min Kam. Other Accounts have suggested he and Leung Lan Kwai actually passed down the art to the Red Boats, but currently, there is no infomation to substantiate these claims.


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