King Fa Wui Goon

The King Fa Wui Goon or Precious Jade Flower Union is the opera troupe that Wong Wah Bo, Leung Yee Tai, Dai Fa Min Kam and Gulo Chung were members of. The troupe existed for many years. When it was actually organized is not known. Its said that it was founded at Dai Kei Mei, in Foshan by the performers themselves, in the years of Chia Ching (1522-1566), Ming Dynasty. Some state it was founded in the years of Wan Li (1573-1562), Ming Dynasty.

The King Fa Wui Goon, was an association to not only train but to take care of the opera performers. Not far away was someting called the King Fa Shui Bo, which was a port for the boats the Opera troupes used to travel in. The main style of boat was established by Yaun Tai Sze for the Chinese opera troups at the Penthouse of Prince Tang, when the Prince was visiting Kiangsi, in the 18th years of Chia Ching (1522-1566)

The King Fa Wui Goon prospered until the fatefull times of 1855 when the Guangdong and Guangxi, Yip Ming Chan (Ye Mingchen) officialy branded them traitors, extortionists and threats to public morality.Many were killed and performance of opera was banned for many years. The King Fa Wui Goon was burned down by Yip Ming Chan.

The Opera Ban actually lasted until Yip Ming Chan Retired, and his replacement Jiulin, due to his mothers love of opera, invited some opera performers(Xinhua or Kwong Tien Ching a Wu sheng and Koubichang(or He) a Cheng Dan) to perform ,for his mother ,on her birthday. Amost 13 years had passed since 1855. As the year 1868 rolled on, Jiulin, due to his mothers affection that developed for several of the performers from her birthday party,petitioned the court to legalize opera performance.Finnaly in 1871 the ban was lifted enough for Xinhua to establish a new Opera Association named teh Bat Hop Wui Goon (8 Harmonies Union) in Jiqing Guild of Guangzhou.

There are several other names synonamous with the King Fa Wui Goon. Sometimes they are called the Li Yuen Gee Dai-( People of the Pear Garden)or Hung Suen Gee Dai- ( People of the Red Boats)


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