Juk Jong

Bamboo dummy" exists in two versions. The first consists of just two bamboo sticks hammered in the land one behind the other. Practitioner stands behind them and tries by the first strike to push away the first stick and with the other hand to hit the second stick. In other exercises student also push the bamboo stick and reacts to its movements. Second version of "bamboo dummy" is a board fixed on the wall. Board has several holes into which are plug in bamboo sticks (long approximately as arm), which are used by practitioner to perform certain techniques utilizing elasticity of bamboo. Some schools of Wing Chun practice also "Juk Jong" form. This form is speciality of schools that come form lineage of master Yuen Chai Wan and Yuen Kay Shan "Sheh Ying Wing Chun" - "Snake style Wing Chun" (Ng Mui->Yim Wing Chun->Leung Bok Chau->Wong Wah Bo and Dai Fai Min Kam->Kok Bo Chuen->Yuen Chai Wan and Yuen Kay Shan- and consists of 12 techniques - 8 hand movements and 4 leg movements.

Here Lau Su Gwan sifu from Fatshan (Yuen Chai Wan - Yiu Choi - Lam Yeun Bo - Lau sifu) show some movements : //www.oxfordwingchun.com/Pictur...es/item7a1.gif //www.oxfordwingchun.com/Pictur...es/item8a1.gif