Dong and Chu Chong Man Family Lineage of the Shaolin Chi Sim Weng Chun Clan

Weng Chun Hall - Southern Siu Lum Temple:



Dong Jik, know as "Dong the Florest", learned Wing chun from famed Bounty Hunter, Fung Siu Ching, along side Tang Suen. There are only three known students of Dong Jik including Chu Chong Man, Tam Kong? and Tsui Kwok Leung?. Little is known about Dong Jik or his brother Dong On, who has no surviving students, that are currently known.

Chu Chong Man was an avid Kung Fu practioner. He was known to have learned from at least four differant master's.First, Chu Chong Man learned from Wong Git Sing?. Wong's family were famous for their "Gui Yan" status. At some point the Wong Family was said to have given a strange buddhist monk sanctuary. The older monk watched the elder Wong practising his hard method Kung Fu. In payment for the Wong families help, this monk taught the elderly Wong and soft form, better suited for an older master. This form was known as the Fa Kuen form, and it was said in the Wong family that the old ecentric monk, was Abbot Chi Sim himself. In an interview in New Martial Hero Chu Chong Man stated, that the Fa Kuen form, wasnt related to the other Wing Chun methods he learned from Dong Jik, but in modern times, his disciple, Chan Wing Yui?, suggests that Fa Kuen was an original form, of the Weng Chun curriculum dating back to the Weng Chun hall, of the Southern Siu Lum temple.

Chu Chong than apprentised with Dong Jik learning the methods of Fung Siu Ching. This curriculum contains some differant material to what the Tang family, as well as Yuen Kay Shan Family preserve, from Fung Siu Ching]. According to family tradition, [[Chu Chong Man? learned the Jong Kuen, Sam Muk Yan Jong, and Luk Dim Boon Gwun? from Dung Jik.

According to the traditions now passed down from Chu Chong Mans family, at some point, Chu Chong Man also learned from Kan Cheung, The nephew of Fung Siu Chings teacher, Fan Ming. Interesting enough, all other Wing Chun/Weng Chun lineages trace Fung Siu Ching, as being the direct student of Dai Fa Min Kam. But According to Chu Chong tradition Fung Siu Ching was a grandstudent of Dai Fa Min Kam.

Some traditions also pass down that Chu Chong man was a student of Au Tzu, a student of famed Wing chun boxer, [[Leung Jan]. Its also said Chu Chong was a master of Northern Praying Mantis.

Research into the history of Wing Chun/Weng chun is ongoing by the AWCKRI. And more information will be available in the future.


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