Au Tzu

Au Tzu- (Ngau Shu / Ou Shu) (Dai San Shu), also romanized as Au Shu and known by the nickname San Dai Shu (Big Mountain Shu), originally worked in a Siu Lap (barbeque) shop on Kai Jee Street (Chopstick) in Foshan. Hearing of Leung Jan's reputation, he wanted to study the Wing Chun System but was limited socialy. Most of the Students that learened Wing Chun, all the way uptill the 1950's were rich business owners or the son's of rich business owners. As such Au Had a very hard time being accepted. Lower socialy ranked people also didnt have the education that the rich afforeded.

Just as Chan Wah Shun had befriend Muk Yan Wah, Au Tzu befriended Au hung (Ngao Hung?). Au Hung mentioned that Leung jan was Looking for a servant for his Pharmacy. Au Shu applied and was offered the job. To his luck he was allowed to watch Leung Jan's classes. Through practicing what he observed, he came to impress Leung Jan and was accepted as a student.

In some written accounts, notably Leung Ting's "Roots of WIng Chun" , it is suggested that Au Tzu, had a falling out with Leung Jan after showing up Chan Wah Shun and Leung Bik in front of other students. Additionaly Au Tzu liked to play practical jokes on the other students and his Sifu. As such at times his welcome wore thin.

Verbal accounts maintain Au Tzu then went on to further his studies in the Wing Chun System from an unknown instructor of another branch of Wing Chun in Dongguan.

Au Tzu later passed on his Wing Chun Kuen to his cousin, Chun Biu Yui (Watchmaker Yui) and his neighbor, Chu Chong Man (who later studied from Dong Jik.)


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