Chu Chong-Man

(Chu Yee-Sheung, Wing Chun Tiet Kuen, Mo Dik Chu)

Chu Chong Man (Zhu Songmin), originally named Chu Yee-Sheung (Zhu Yixiang) was a kung fu enthusiast from a very young age. Oral Tradition suggests he first learned Wing Chun Kuen from his neighbor, Au Tzu (a student of Leung Jan). At some point he heard about Dong Jik the florest accepting students to pass down the Wing Chun system he had learned from Fung Siu Ching, the famous Bounty hunter and Body guard. At a later date, with Dong Jik permission, Chu Chong Man traveled and met Wong Git Sing, descendent of the famous Wong Family, who had, according to Oral tradition preserved special sets passed down from Abbot Chi Sim, who taught elderly head of the Wong Family, as he felt the families standard boxing style did not favor an older practitioner. The forms that Chu Chong Man learned from Wong Git Sing, are the famous Fa Kuen set, he passed down to his students. Chu Chong Man suggested in an interview, for New Martial Hero, that the methods of Wong Git Sing? had nothing to do with the Wing Chun he practised, he just liked the form and so included it in his teachings.

Chu later moved to Macao where became known as Chu Mo Dik (Zhu Wubi, Chu the Peerless) and Wing Chun Tiet Kuen (Yongchun Tie Quan, Iron Fist of Weng Chun) and taught students including Mok Poi On?.

Chu Chong Man was invited and joined forces with other grand-students of Fung Siu Ching such as Lo Family descendent Lo Siu Woon (and Lo's student Wai Yan?), Tang family descendent Tang Yik, fellow student of Dong Yik, Tam Kwong, and a few others, at the docks of Dai Duk Lan, where they researched and preserved the Wing Chun art. They used the differant character, than the "Praising" character used by othr branchs, instead opting to use the "Eternal" character, since it suggests an older lineage from the soutern shaolin temple.


  • New Martial Hero
  • Oral Tradition Dai Duk Lan
  • Oral and Written Tradition Chu Chong Man family
  • Oral Tradition Tang Family