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Note: Tang Bun, instead of teaching Chum Kiu and Biu Jee as one set, like the grandchildren of Chan Yiu Men, he actually has broken down Chum Kiu and Biu Jee into 2 seperate forms, as found in Mainstream H.K Wing Chun.


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AWCKRI on Chan Family

Chan Family Wing Chun Kuen (Chan Rumian Yongchunquan) is the art as passed down by Chan Yiu Min, the son of Chan Wah Shun, to his Children and Grandchildren. While Chan Wah Shun and his Sifu Leung Jan both used the character "Wing", Chan Yiu Min and later generations in the Chan Family have used the characer "Weng" to describe their art.It is unknown why the family would break away from the tradition of the Founders, of that particular variation of Wing chun. It is also said that Chan Yiu Min's wife Lai Miu Hin, was head of the Chan family after Chan Yiu's passing. It is known that she traced the Wing Chun systems ancestory directly to the Founder of the "Weng Chun County White Crane Boxing". So the possibility is that the Character "Weng" is used to denote "Weng Chun County".

The Chan Family and their students have an expanded curriculum compared to the Ancestral Chan Wah Shun System.The Chan Family maintain, That some of the additional forms were passed down from Leung Jan. But other forms, resembling Hung Gar have made there way into their system as wll. It is EXTREMLY unlikly that these forms had anything to do with Leung Jan or Chan Wah Shun. It recent times Members of the Chan Family have stated that these forms(Note: Leung Jan material is said to be: SLT, CK, BJ, LDBJ, MYJ, Siu Lien Sae Mun, Pien San Kuen,and Lai Jin Kuen)such as Sam Suk Lok Hung Sa Jeung, Fook Fu Kuen, Fut Jeung,and Fa Kuen were said to have been put into the System by Ng Chun So. According to research by the AWCKRI this is extremly Doubtful, as examination of the Known Ng Chun So student's, I.E Yiu Choi and Fok Choi, Show that the only form's Ng Chun So passed down were 100% standard Wing Chun. It is also unlikly that Chan Yiu Min added them in as several lineages descending from him, do not have any of this material in question, including Jiu Wan and Pan Nam.A more likly senario is that Chan Yiu Min's Wife , Sons or Grand children added in these forms. It is common in the Wing Chun World to want the "Oldest" and "Most Original". As such many have attempted to put back in ideas that were supposidly lost. Our opinion is that would be best served by using Wing Chun sources, not mixed down styles with non Wing Chun Mechanics or Body Structure.(Please see Chan Family [[Fook Fo Kuen for example)

The forms Sam Suk Lok Hung Sa Jeung?, Fook Fu Kuen?, Fut Jeung? and Fa Kuen have been close to the Wing Chun system for a very long time. They possibly are hybred forms containing elements of Wing Chun and Hung Gar. Additionaly the names also represent differant forms to differant lineages. For Example: There are at least 7 Fa Kuen Forms Known within the Wing Chun World Currently. Cho Family, Chan Family, 4 versions from Chu Chong Man, and Fukian Weng Chun all have there own version, some not even remotly related to the mechanics of each other.The Oldest version of the Fa Kuen form dates to the Cho Family. Created as a form to highlight Siu Lien Tao Application to 8 directions.


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